The general theme for our spring semester is Sustainability in Supply Chain Management.

We currently have the following two lectures and one workshop to present for this semester:

The first lecture is themed “Transforming into a Sustainable Corporation” It will be held on the Wednesday the 26th of April at 17h30, also on our Solbjerg Campus.

The lecture would present the changes and challenges companies face when transitioning to a more sustainable supply chain. Within this theme, we are quite flexible as to what you would like to present. It can include different parts of the supply chain that your company has had particular struggles with to become more sustainable and how you faced these challenges. It can include how sustainability has produced the need for more transparency along the supply chain, as well as how including sustainability in a company  demands a new company strategy.

For this lecture, we currently have Accenture, Grundfos  and associate professor Steen Valentin from CBS presenting on the topic.


The second lecture  is themed “Ethics in the Supply Chain”. It will be held on the 9th of May at 17h30 at the CBS Solbjerg campus.

In this lecture, we will discuss the ethical role in supply chains. We would like to invite companies that portray exemplary behavior along their supply chain and to demonstrate how this was achieved. It would include companies that have based their organization on ethical principles from the very start, but also companies that have had to face the struggle of having to take the initiative to implement ethnical policies and changing their business’s strategy. We would like to present different corporations demonstrating how ethnics can be achieved in different ways, and why it is so fundamental when running a business. But also, how being ethical relates to sustainability in economics and management. We would leave it open to you, from which angle you would like to approach the topic, discussing the challenges, solutions and upsides of being ethical in business.


Our workshop will be held held on the 23th of May at 17h30 at the CBS Solbjerg Campus. The program for the workshop will be published later on this semester.


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