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Online masterclass: ESG as a key driver for Coca Cola’s future business model (In English)

31. januar 2023 fra kl. 9:00 - 9:45



At The Coca-Cola Company, ESG goals and initiatives are anchored by the company’s purpose and are core to the growth strategy.

Learning outcomes 

  • On this masterclass we will look into Coca Cola’s ESG reporting and get an insight on how this drives the company’s strategy across multiple bottom lines


Guest lecturer

  • Annette Spanggaard, Public Affairs, Communications & CSR Director, The Coca-Cola Company, Denmark


Price & further info

  • It’s free to join this online masterclass
  • Feel free to invite colleagues and other key persons in your network
  • All teaching takes place online via Microsoft Teams
  • Slides and recordings are reserved for members
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