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Online masterclass with Q8 – Sustainability as a key driver for business development (In English)

21. juni 2023 fra kl. 9:00 - 10:30



Today, the fossil fuel industry is one of the main causes of climate change.

If Q8 is to exist as a company in ten years, the business model must be fundamentally changed.

Q8 is facing a transformation that is already in full swing and the company wants to lead the way and help ensure a fossil-free future. Q8 has therefore set clear strategic goals for the future development of the business.

Learning outcomes

  • We will gain insights that make us sharper on how to integrate sustainability into the company’s core business – both at a strategic level as well as in the specific activities in day-to-day operations


Guest lecturer

  • Sasha Beckmann, Senior Sustainability Business Partner, Supply Chain & B2B, Scandinavia


Price & further info

  • It’s free to join this online masterclass
  • All teaching takes place online via Microsoft Teams
  • 09.45-10.30: Q&A with the guest lecturer in a smaller forum exclusively for CSR Forum members
  • Slides and recordings are reserved for members of CSR Forum
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