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Pandora’s Global Responsible Marketing Standard

13. oktober 2022 fra kl. 9:00 - 9:45


In this masterclass we will become wiser on how Pandora’s Responsible Marketing Standard framework sets out the applicable principles and standards when marketing the company’s jewelry towards consumers. We will also get some examples on how to ensure responsible and inclusive practices when managing and designing physical and digital campaigns and advertising for both global and local markets.

Guest lecturer

  • Johanna Kock, Sustainability Manager, Corporate Sustainability, Pandora

Price and further info

  • Part of our masterclasses for Sustainability Specialists. Read more here
  • It’s free to join this online masterclass
  • Feel free to invite colleagues and other key persons in your network
  • All teaching takes place online via Microsoft Teams
  • 09.45-10.30: Q&A with the guest lecturer in a smaller member forum
  • Slides and recordings are reserved for members
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