Copenhagen Business School and the student organization oikos Copenhagen present their exciting Green Fair that will take place during the annual Green Week event.

The Green Fair is on the 15th March from 11:30-13:30 in the Solbjerg Plads in CBS and it consists of three parts. First companies and startups will pitch their involvment in Sustainability for three minutes each. The aim of the pitching is to give the participants insights on how different companies from various industries work with Sustainability. It will be fun, energetic and to the point.

Afterwards the presenters and the atendees will have a quick lunch and cofee outside the pitching room and then move to the Main Hall for further networking. This part is open to everyone and all students passing by the event. During the networking part, the presenting companies will discuss with the people directly, expose drones, give out juices and organic drinks. CSR forum will also share insights with the students on how they can achieve a career in Sustainability.

The Green Fair has a more dynamique character and differs from regular business fairs with aim to entertain students and raise their awareness on how different organizations work with Sustainability.


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