In continuance with our meetings to connect our passionate members, we are excited to test some new formats to ensure that we support and catalyze the discussion of how to transform CSR and Sustainability knowledge into competitive companies and business models.

In establishing a starting point and a forum for sustainable conversations among our network, we have invited  Stéphane Pisani from Laval University (Canada, Québec) to join us at the upcoming Dialog & Netværk meetings, targeted consultancy firms within the area of CSR and Sustainability consultants.

Stéphane is currently based on CBS and he is researching the concept of identity of CSR and interviewing consultants to explore the links between the identity tensions of the consultants and their institutional context in Denmark. His goal is also to better understand how the roles and identities of consultants are defined in the process of ‘commodification’ of social responsibility within organizations.

Stéphane will present himself and his research project at the upcoming Dialog & Netværk meetings.

First time is Wednesday April 26th. At the meetings  you will get the opportunity to discuss with Stéphane one-on-one. In that way you will be able to take advantage of Stéphane’s insights into the field, as well as get some unique exposure of yourself and your consultancy firm. Stéphane will ultimately publish a research paper with his findings. The consultancy firms involved in the research will get the opportunity of being covered here in our blog as well.


Stéphane moved to Denmark in September, and since then he has immersed himself in Danish culture, including being well on his way to learning Danish! He has a unique background encompassing a wide range of experiences, including working for the French Army and Eurocorps, being an entrepreneur and working with strategic planning and logistics, as well as ecotourism.

To read more about Stéphane (in French)